A Second Chance

Brenda was chatting with Linda on skype.
Brenda : "I am thinking of divorcing John."
Linda : "Why?"
Brenda : "He is having an affair with his secretary."
Linda : "Do you know that for sure?"

Brenda : "He told me last night. He felt guilty, was sorry and asked for my forgiveness. He promised to stop and never do such a thing again."
Linda : "Don't you think he deserves a second chance?"
Brenda : "Do you?"
Linda : "How long have you been married?"

Brenda : "Twenty years."
Linda : "Has he ever done you bad things other than this affair?"
Brenda paused : "Not that I know of."
Linda : "So he has only done one mistake in twenty years of your marriage. It shows that he is more a good man than a bad man. He deserves a second chance in my opinion."

Brenda paused even longer : "I guess you have a point. I will seriously think it over."
Linda : "You should."
Brenda : "Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it."
Linda : "Any time."

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