Tea Walk Talk

Bill one morning drove his son, Benny, for a walk in a tea plantation. The sun was shining and the weather was good. They had arrived at the parking lot.
Benny : “How long is this tea walk going to be, daddy?”
Bill : “We walk for about thirty minutes to the shop up there. We will have tea and snack, relax for a while, enjoy the view, then we walk back here. We may spend around one hour and a half altogether.”

Benny : “How come I don’t see any coconut tree, daddy?”
Bill : “Coconut tree is suitable to grow where the temperature is hot like in the beach area. This is a mountain area where the temperature is cool, coconut can’t grow well here whereas tea can.”

Benny : “Why is coconut only suitable to grow in a hot area and tea in a cool area, daddy?”
Bill laughed : “That’s just the way they are, son. Just like fish live in the water and human being on land. Are you ready for the walk now?”
Benny : “Okay, let’s go.”

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