Total Freedom

It was Saturday evening. Bob sat in the porch enjoying the starry sky. Benny, his son, came out of the house to join him.
Benny : “Daddy, is there any school that has no regulations for the students to obey?”
Bob was amused : “Not to my knowledge. Why do you ask that?”

Benny : “Regulations restrict our freedom. We have to attend the class and have a break at certain times. We have deadlines to do homework and submit our assignments. We can’t play video games and listen to our favorite music in class. Everything is so rigid with regulations.”
Bob laughed : “When you are studying, would you like your friend to play his favorite music out loud next to you?”

Benny : “Of course not, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate.”
Bob : “He has the freedom to get next to you and enjoy his music, remember that.”

Benny : “But he would disturb my freedom to study, and that’s not fair.”
Bob : “So how do you propose to be fair?”

Benny : “He is free to play his music somewhere else, so I am free to study. That would be fair.”
Bob : “Agreed. We can’t have total freedom, son. Our freedom has to be restricted so we can live in fairness and harmony. That’s what regulations are made for.”

Benny : “I see now, daddy.”
Bob smiled : "That's good, son."

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