Unbroken Eggs

There was an old woman who lived with her only son. They were not rich and living in a bad neighborhood. She sold chicken eggs for a living. She was religious and prayed to God every day. Her son unfortunately hanged around with alcoholic friends and became one himself. He had bad manners and was unemployed. He helped his mother only if he felt like it and frequently asked for money to drink with his friends.

One morning she asked her son to deliver two crates of eggs to her customer. He agreed to do it and put the two crates of eggs into the trunk of his old sedan. He knew that the customer would pay cash upon delivery. The old woman : “God be with you, son.” She said that as her son started the car engine ready to go. Her son replied recklessly : “I will get my friends to go with me and the car will be full. God simply has to sit in the trunk.” He laughed as he drove away. She was very sad to hear that, she could only ask God to forgive her son for what he had just said.

That afternoon she got a phone call from the police. Her son had a car accident. He was drink driving and crashed his sedan really hard into the truck coming from the opposite direction. The sedan was badly damaged and her son and his four other friends died instantly. There was one thing that the police didn’t tell her. When they opened the sedan trunk, they found two crates of chicken eggs all in a good condition and unbroken. They just couldn’t find any logical explanation to that.

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