Cough Syrup

Bob was having dinner with his son, Benny.
Bob : “Son, if your friend is suffering from cough, what would you give him?”
Benny : “I would give him cough syrup.”

Bob : “What about headache pills? Would you give him those?”
Benny : “Cough needs cough syrup, daddy, not headache pills.”

Bob : “What if he wants to smoke? Would you give him a cigarette?”
Benny : “Smoking will only worsen the cough, I wouldn’t give him a cigarette.”

Bob : “What if he becomes unhappy and refuses your help?”
Benny : “That’s fine with me. I would only do what’s helpful, not harmful, daddy.”

Bob smiled : “Right. Help people by giving them what they need, that’s the way to go, son.”

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