The Gold Axe

One morning there was a villager going to the forest to cut woods. He accidentally dropped his axe into the deep river. He couldn’t swim and was at a loss. Suddenly a big fish appeared to the surface with a gold axe in its mouth. The fish could talk.

Fish : “I found this gold axe at the bottom of the river just now. Is this yours?”
The villager was amazed : “I did drop my axe a moment ago, but that’s not mine. Mine is a wooden axe.”

The fish dived and reappeared with the gold and the wooden axe in its mouth.
Villager : “That is my wooden axe.”

Fish : “You can take your wooden axe back and the gold axe too as the reward for your honesty.” It then disappeared.
The villager was grateful that his father always reminded him : “Remember son, it pays to be honest.”

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