It was a cool afternoon. Bill was reading a book when his daughter, Jillian, came back home.
Jillian : “Daddy, I am home.”
Bill : “Have you just been to Susan’s house?”

Jillian : “Yes. I went there with Fiona. Fiona is really weird.”
Bill : “Why do you say that?”

Jillian : “Fiona told us the theory of how to swim breaststroke properly, but she herself couldn’t swim.”
Bill laughed : “Theory without practice is useless. She can never swim if she doesn’t practice.”

Jillian : “Initially she just sat beside the backyard pool and watched Susan and I swimming. She then got into the water and we taught her how we swam. She liked it. We will do it again next Sunday.”
Bill : “That’s good. The more practice the better.”

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