Destiny Changing Ants

There was a wise man in a mountain. He had lots of students staying with him. This wise man had a supernatural ability of predicting the future. Nobody knew about it. He never showed it off to anybody including his students. He just kept it to himself. One morning when he was teaching, his eyes picked out one particular young student. His sixth sense told him that this student had only ten days left to live. After the class he told that student to take a two-week leave home. The student happened to be missing his mother very much. He happily left for home that very afternoon.

Two weeks had passed. His student came back, thanked him and said that his mother was very happy to see him. He welcome his student back and was very surprised inside. He had never been wrong before. He wondered what had happened. He used his supernatural ability to review what his student had gone through right from the moment he left for home till then. There was nothing extraordinary but one.

On his way home, the student walked through a river. He saw a group of ants, lots of them, struggling to stay afloat. He automatically snatched a long tree branch with lots of leaves. He held the branch on the water and let those ants crawl on. When the ants had all got out of the water, he put the branch on the ground at the river bank. He had saved those ants from drowning to death. It was this very action that had changed the student’s destiny. The wise man smiled and was glad to learn about this. God had shown him that one could change his / her destiny with his / her action.

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