An Orphan

Brandon was obsessed with making money. He wouldn’t do anything that has nothing to do with earning him money one way or another. Paying a visit to an orphanage was unthinkable. He did that one morning to meet Jack, his potential business client. Jack chose to celebrate his birthday there. Brandon hid his boredom and tried his best to enjoy the performances by the orphans. The celebration was over after two hours. He then had a chat with Jack for about half an hour. He was about to enter his car when a cute little girl ran towards him.

Little girl : “Excuse me, sir.”
Brandon was rather annoyed but managed to smile : “Yes, do you need money to buy something?”

Little girl : “I am Nancy. My daddy, mommy and I had a car accident two years ago. I was the only one who survived. You look very much like my daddy. Can I call you daddy?”
Brandon was dumbfounded : “Sure, please do.”

Little girl : "That's all I want. Thank you, daddy." She then ran back to her friends.
Brandon realized then that money was not the only thing that someone needed to be happy.

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