Lungs For Sale

Bob and Bill were online chatting.
Bob : “My client has lung cancer stadium 4. My colleague and I went to see him in the hospital this morning. He was a heavy smoker.”
Bill : “Good that you and I don’t smoke.”

Bob : “The therapy is very expensive. Fortunately he is a wealthy man, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to afford it.”
Bill : “In this case you are a lot wealthier than he is, bro.”

Bob (laugh) : “My wealth is nothing compared to his, bro.”
Bill (smile) : “If he was willing to buy your lungs with all his wealth, would you sell them?”

Bob : “Of course not. I bet you wouldn’t either.”
Bill : “That makes you a wealthier man than he is, don’t you think?”

Bob (laugh) : “I see what you mean. Health is the number one wealth that everybody should be after.”
Bill (smile) : “Exactly.”

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