An Ideal Hypnotherapist

A,B and C were online chatting.
A : “I have a friend who sees a hypnotherapist regularly. He is thinking of seeing another therapist.”
B : “That’s just natural, he should see another therapist if the present one is not doing him any good.”

A : “His hypnotherapist is very good and helping him a lot. He is disappointed with the present one not because of any lack of expertise. It’s because he finds out that his therapist is seeing another hypnotherapist for therapy.”
C : “A hypnotherapist is also a human being that needs help. People need each other to help and to live. I myself wouldn’t see that as a problem.”

A : “This friend is a perfectionist, at least that’s what he always says he is. A hypnotherapist who is getting therapy from a fellow hypnotherapist is not an ideal therapist to him.”
B : “Is that why your friend see a hypnotherapist? I mean his perfectionist attitude?”

A : “Yes, it’s his attitude that gets him into lots of trouble in his family, work place and neighborhood.”
C : “I see.”

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