This Bad Is Strangely Good

Ronny likes to travel to exotic places with fantastic panoramic views all over the world. He schedules himself to travel first class a few times a year to refresh his mind from his hectic work as an executive of a multinational company. He got a call one day from his friend, John. There was a big earthquake in a certain remote area. John and his friends in a charity organization were going there bringing medicine, food and blankets. John asked if he wanted to come along. He did.

To reach there, they had to go through wild rivers using small boats and muddy, bumpy jungle roads using four wheel drive vehicles. The trip was life-risking and dangerous. They distributed the logistics they brought during the day and slept in a tent at night. There were lots of mosquitoes and they had to go to the nearest river for washing purposes. During their stay there, they also helped rescue a few survivors trapped under the landslide caused by the earthquake. It was a seven day experience of hardship. Ronny thanked John.

Ronny : “I have something to say about our adventure, bro. We had tough trips there and back, bad accommodation, bad sanitation, bad facility and bad everything. Being of help to those people especially the landslide survivors, however, makes me feel really good inside. Kind of strange, don’t you think?”
John : “Yes it is, I always have such feelings every time. It’s simply beyond words. Would you like me to call you again next time?”
Ronny : “You do that, bro. Please.”

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