Imperfection Wisdom

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon. Henry was listening to light jazz music in the living room. His sons, George and Brian, were reading a fiction and a magazine.
Henry : “George, Brian, each of you grab a pen and blank paper, will you?”
George and Brian glanced at him, put down what they were reading and did what he asked them to do.

Brian : “Now what, daddy?”
Henry : “Make a list of all the bad things about yourself that you can think of on the paper. Give it to me when you are done.”
Five minutes passed by.

George : “Done.”
Brian : “Me too.”
George and Brian gave their paper to Henry. Both papers had got writings on them.

Henry : “You both have written down your shortcomings. In fact, everybody has a list of his or her own.”
George : “Of course, nobody is perfect, daddy.”
Henry smiled : “Right, George. It’s thus wise that we should not talk bad things about other people, because we are far from perfect ourselves.”

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