Weather Man

Bob and his son, Benny, were watching television that evening. The weather forecast was on.
Benny : “How does one forecast the weather, daddy?”
Bob glanced at his son : “I don’t know. Probably the weather man studies the wind flow and the movement of the clouds then makes the forecast. Why?”

Benny : “Yesterday the weather forecast for today was raining. It was wrong. It hasn’t rained since morning.”
Bob : “That happens, son. Nothing in this world is absolutely certain, including the weather.”

Benny : “Nothing but one, daddy.”
Bob was really curious : “And that one is?”

Benny : “Change. Everything is always changing. That’s absolutely certain.”
Bob laughed : “Who told you that?”

Benny : “My school teacher.”
Bob : “I guess he is right, son.”

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