Healthy Drink

It was a sunny morning on mountain Wisdom. The wise man was sitting in the living room. His student, Tony, had just finished sweeping the front yard.
Wise man : “Tony, come here.”
Tony put the broom next to the front door and came in : “Yes, teacher.”

Wise man : “Get me the best and the worst looking cup, will you?”
Tony : “Okay.”

He got the two cups his teacher wanted from the kitchen and put them on the table.
Wise man : “If the two cups have healthy drink. Would you drink from them?”
Tony : “Of course.”

Wise man : “Why is that?”
Tony : “It is good for my health.”

Wise man : “If they have poisonous drink. Would you do the same?”
Tony : “Of course not.”

Wise man : “Why is that?”
Tony : “It is bad for my health.”

Wise man : “But this is the best looking cup and is very expensive.”
Tony : “The look doesn’t matter, teacher, what is inside does.”

Wise man : “Exactly. Make sure you do the same when you make friends.”
Tony : “Yes, teacher.”

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