Last Wish #2

Michael, Mike and Mick gathered in the living room that morning. They were still trying to find the solution to their father’s last wish, when they heard someone calling. They had a visitor. She was their friend, Kathy from Faraway, riding on a beautiful white horse. She came by to visit them.

Kathy : “Hello guys, long time no see. How are you doing?”
Michael : “We are fine. You come at the right time, Kathy. We have a problem, perhaps you could help us solve it.”

Kathy : “Let’s hear it. I will see what I can do to help.”
Mick : “We have seventeen horses. Our father wanted Michael to have half of them, Mike one third and me one ninth. You know that dividing seventeen by two, three or nine won’t give us a whole number. No horse should be killed. Do you have any suggestion how to solve it?”

Kathy thought for a moment : “I will lend you my horse, so you have eighteen horses altogether. Michael gets half of eighteen, Mike one third and you, Mick, one ninth.”
Mick : “Let’s do it. Michael gets nine, Mike six and me two. Our horses will total seventeen, and you can have your horse back. Thank you very much, Kathy.”

Mike : “Our problem is solved. Stay for lunch, Kathy. I will prepare a delicious turkey. You’ll like it.”

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