Fool The World

There was a wise man in a mountain. He had five students staying with him. They loved and respected him very much for his way of teaching. He taught them his wisdom by examples. One morning he had prepared a weird assignment for them.

Wise man : “Students, I want you to go to village Idono tonight.”
Student 1 : “Village Idono, is it the one down the mountain? What do you want us to do there, teacher?”

Wise man : “That’s the one. I want you to get into the houses there. Take all the things that you can take, on one condition.”
Student 2 : “On what condition, teacher?”

Wise man : “Nobody should know that you do it. See you tomorrow morning.”
The next morning the wise man checked out his students. All of them had stolen various things from the village but one. Student 5 had got absolutely nothing.

Wise man : “How come you have got nothing, student 5?”
Student 5 : “You said that nobody should know, but I always do. That’s why I didn’t take anything.”

Wise man (smile) : “Remember students, you can fool the world but yourself. Only student 5 has finished my assignment well. I want you, student 1 to 4, to return all the things back to the villagers. I have told them about this practice. They will accept you with an open heart.”

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