Persistent Headache

A, B and C were online chatting.
A : “I met an old client yesterday. He told me to make time for a routine exercise.”
B : “That’s a good advice. I myself go to fitness three times a week.”

C : “I only exercise when I am in the mood, which is very seldom. You know how lazy we can be especially when we have so many deadlines to meet.”
A : “He was also very busy. His time was only for work, until one day he got a headache that wouldn't go away even after taking pills.”

B : “One must be careful with a persistent headache. It could be a symptom of a more serious illness.”
A : “He went to see a doctor. He was told to exercise regularly so the blood circulation to his head and all over his body could flow well. He has been joining the fitness class in his company ever since.”

C : “I have been having a headache on and off for quite some time now. I probably should start making time for some regular workout.”
B : “That would be a good idea, bro.”

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