True Happiness Book

It was night time on mountain Wisdom. The moon was full. Tony and his teacher, the wise man, were sitting in the front yard enjoying the moon light.
Tony : “I have been searching for true happiness my whole life to no avail. Can you help me with this one, teacher?”
The wise man looked around : “I need my book. Help me find it, will you?”

Tony started looking around the front yard.
Tony : “It’s not here, teacher.”
Wise man : “Try my room.”

Tony went inside the house. After about ten minutes he came out with his teacher’s book.
Tony : “Here is your book, teacher. It was on the study desk in your room.”
Wise man : “My room was dark, wasn’t it?”

Tony : “Yes. I brought the candle in the living room with me.”
The wise man smiled : “You can find your true happiness the way you find my book.”
Tony was somewhat lost : “I don’t quite understand.”
Wise man : “Your true happiness has always been inside you. All you need to do is bring light to your mind to find it.”

Tony was not that lost anymore : “I see. I have been searching everywhere but my mind, that’s why I never succeed. Can you explain about bringing light to my mind, teacher? Is my mind dark? How can my mind be dark?”
Wise man : “Your mind is dark if it is full of negative thoughts. Filling your mind with positive thoughts will bring light to your mind. The moment your mind has enough light, you can easily find your true happiness.”

Tony smiled : “Now I understand. Thanks for the explanation, teacher. What do you want to do with the book?”
Wise man : “Fan me with it, will you?”

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