Kung Fu Master

One morning Bob heard Benny in the back yard shouting. He went out to see what was going on. Benny shouted and slapped his right palm to the stone table repeatedly.
Bob : “What are you doing, son?”
Benny stopped and looked at his father : “The movie is lying, daddy.”

Bob : “What are you talking about?”
Benny : “The kung fu master in the movie breaks a stone table that way. I have tried many times and the table doesn’t break.”

Bob : “My goodness, so that’s what you are doing. It takes years of practicing kung fu before you become a master and able to do such things, son.”
Benny : “You mean a kung fu master really can do that and the movie is not lying?”

Bob : “That’s right. Is that what you want to be, a kung fu master?”
Benny : “I am interested. Can I, daddy?”

Bob : “Daddy has a kung fu master friend. I will take you to see him this afternoon if you like.”
Benny : “I like that, thanks daddy.”

Bob : “Son, promise me one thing.”
Benny : “What’s that, daddy?”

Bob : “Don’t imitate what you see in any action movie again, okay? I don’t want you to get hurt.”
Benny : “Okay, I promise.”

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