Last Wish #1

There was an old man in a village. He was very ill lying in bed. He knew that he was dying. One evening he called his three sons, Michael, Mike and Mick.

Old man : “Sons, I am dying soon. You are all my good sons. You all have got your share of my wealth. What I still haven’t given you are my horses.”
Michael : “You mean the seventeen horses in the stable, father?”

Old man : “Yes. Now all of you listen. This is my last wish. I give Michael half of them, Mike one third and Mick one ninth.”
Mike : “Father, dividing seventeen by two, three or nine won’t give us a whole number.”

Mick : “Mike is right. You don’t mean to say that we should kill one or more of the horses, do you?”
Old man : “They are all good horses. None of them should be killed.”

The old man died not long afterwards. Michael, Mike and Mick arranged a proper funeral for their father. They were yet to find the solution to their father’s last wish. Could you help them, please?

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