Where Is Your World?

Once upon a time there were two fairies, Fiona and Fiony. One morning they were both enjoying the sunshine.
Fiona : “Let’s play a game and see who is faster. We go around the world three times. The loser should give the winner a jumbo chocolate ice cream.”
Fiony : “You are on.” She flew straight away circling the globe once …

Fiona : “I have won.” She called Fiony to come down.
Fiony was puzzled : “You haven’t moved anywhere yet. How can you say you have won?”

Fiona laughed : “Our world is where we stand. I have circled three times where I stand, so I win.”
Fiony laughed : “Clever, yes you win. Here is your ice cream.” She opened her right palm and there appeared a jumbo chocolate ice cream. She handed it to Fiona who accepted with a big smile.

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