A Snack Jar Trick

Henry planned to build a gazebo in his backyard. He already got some of the materials needed, such as rocks, pebbles and sand. That afternoon he was sitting relaxingly in his backyard waiting for the sunset. Both his sons, George and Brian, were inside the house.

Henry called out loudly : “George, Brian, get me an empty jar, will you?”
George, accompanied by Brian, came out carrying an empty snack jar and gave it to him.
George : “What do you want this empty jar for, daddy?”

Henry smiled : “I want to show you the trick to fill the empty jar with as many different objects as possible to the optimum.” He pointed to the rocks, pebbles and sand and said : “Fill this jar full with those three materials starting from the biggest down to the smallest.”

George and Brian followed their dad’s instruction. They first filled the jar full with rocks. They then put in pebbles which filled all the space in between rocks until the jar was full. Lastly they poured in sand which filled up the remaining space in between rocks and pebbles until the jar was full.
George : “Done, daddy.”
Henry : “Good. Remember to treat your life the way you do the empty jar. Fill your life with things starting from those that matter the most down to those that matter the least. That’s the only way you can live your life to the optimum.”

Brian : “I see, daddy, but things that matter most in life would differ from one person to another.”
Henry smiled : “Exactly. It’s up to each individual to decide that, my son.”

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