Life Mirror

It was a sunny afternoon on mountain Wisdom. The wise man and his student, Tony, were having afternoon tea in the front yard.
Wise man : “Tony, get me the mirror on my study desk in my room, will you?”
Tony : “Okay teacher.”

He went inside and came out with a mirror in his right hand.
Wise man : “Look into it. What do you see?”

Tony : “I see my face, teacher.”
The wise man took the mirror from Tony’s hand, and looked into it.

Wise man : “I don’t see your face. I only see mine.”
Tony smiled : “Of course, the mirror only reflects who looks into it, teacher.”

Wise man : “If you look bad in the mirror, what would you do?”
Tony laughed : “I would change the way I look so I look good in it.”

Wise man smiled : “Life is just like the mirror. If you want to see something good in your life, you need to be good and do good.”
Tony : “I understand, teacher.”

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