Cow Dung Wisdom

It was a sunny morning on mountain Wisdom. Tony walked in a hurry to the class room. He looked tense. His teacher, the wise man, was sitting in front. He was sipping a cup of hot tea.
Tony : “Teacher, we are in trouble.”
Wise man : “Why do you say that?”

Tony : “The head of village has just sent us ten big sacks of cow dung. They are in the front yard now.”
Wise man : “How can that get us into trouble?”

Tony : “Cow dung is dirt. It is smelly and useless. You only send garbage like that to someone you hate.”
Wise man : “Cow dung is garbage for us. It is, however, a good natural fertilizer. How do you know it is not meant for our back yard vegetable plants?”

Tony thought for a while : “If it is meant for our back yard plants, then the head of village really cares about us.”
The wise man closed his eyes for a moment, then nodded his head slowly.
Wise man : “He cares about us.”

Tony was amazed : “How do you know, teacher?”
Wise man : “He told me last week that he would send us the cow dung to fertilize our vegetable plants, so we could get an even better quality harvest.”
Tony : “I thought you communicated with him telepathically just now.”

Wise man : “You and your wild thoughts. I was enjoying the aroma of my hot tea. Now move the cow dung to the back yard and spread it evenly.”
Tony : “Yes, teacher.”

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