The Should Have Guy

Bob and Bill were online chatting.
Bob : “Bill, do you remember our old friend Teddy?”
Bill : “Of course, nobody can forget Teddy. The ‘should have' guy, right?”

Bob (laugh) : “Exactly, that’s the one.”
Bill : “I still remember that day Jane was talking about her brother. He got a car accident due to the sudden cyclone in his area. Teddy commented that her brother should have predicted the cyclone from the look of the sky and stayed home.”

Bob : “I also remember that day Robert had a stomach upset and puked right after eating the school canteen hamburger. Teddy told Robert that he should have eaten something else instead of hamburger.”
Bill (laugh): “So we are talking about the same Teddy. What about him?”

Bob : “He is hospitalized for stroke.”
Bill : “He should have seen it coming and exercised regularly.”
Bob : “He should have avoided junk food and soft drinks.”

Bill (laugh) : “Now we become the ‘should have’ guys ourselves. We could pay him a visit tomorrow if you like.”
Bob : “Ok, I know the hospital he is in. I’ll fetch you tomorrow afternoon, if that’s good with you.”
Bill : “That’s fine with me. See you tomorrow afternoon.”

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