How To Swim

It was a sunny Sunday morning. Bob was having breakfast with his son, Benny.
Benny : “My friends are going swimming this afternoon, daddy. They ask me to join them.”
Bob : “That’s good. You can learn swimming from them.”

Benny : “I don’t know if I should go.”
Bob : “Why is that?”

Benny : “I have read the ‘how to swim’ book, but still haven’t mastered the theory yet.”
Bob smiled : “Ask your friends to teach you and practice on the spot.”

Benny : “What if I drown?”
Bob : “Swim where the water level is to your stomach or breast maximum. Should you drown, get your feet on the ground, stand up and you’ll be alright.”

Benny : “What if the water comes into my nose, ears and mouth?”
Bob laughed : “Get it out.”

Benny : “What if I still can’t swim?”
Bob : “It will take a few swimming sessions before you can really swim, son. What ifs will get you no where. Go and start your first one.”

Benny : “Okay dad.”

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