Motivation Meal

A, B and C were online chatting about one thing they happened to have in common.
B : “My company asked me and my staff to attend a motivational class for 3 days last week. It did kind of boost our self confidence and team working spirit.”
A : “A good motivator can indeed bring out the best motivational spirit within us, in spite of the fact that there is actually nothing the motivator says that we don’t already know.”
C : “You are right about that. We need other people to motivate us because we often don’t listen to ourselves or people around us. My kid, for instance, often doesn’t listen to me or my wife. When her teacher gives her the same advice, however, she accepts instantly.”

B : “That’s true. People need each other to motivate and to live.”
A : “One thing about motivation though, it doesn’t last. In my company the momentum lasted about 3 months before it diminished.”
C : “You remind me of what my motivator said jokingly at the end of class. Treat motivation as your meal, do it three times a day, because it doesn’t last. I think he has a point.”

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