Failure Secret

Henry is a very good motivator. He gets invited to lots of places to speak and motivate people. He travels so often that he is seldom at home for long. That Sunday he did not have any speaking schedule. He had his breakfast and sat on the porch sun tanning. He enjoyed this kind of break very much to relax and simply do nothing at all. His son, George, came out and joined him.

George : “Dad, what is the question that people ask you the most?”
Henry laughed : “People ask lots of things, George. One question that I always get asked is the secret of success.”

George : “So what is the secret of success?”
Henry : “Well, the secret of success is hard work, persistence and keep going. You know how the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, don’t you?”

George laughed : “Yes I do. Have you ever been asked the secret of failure, daddy?”
Henry glanced at George : “No. Everybody wants to succeed, not fail.”

George : “Should you get asked that, what would your answer be?”
Henry thought for a moment : “The secret of failure would be trying to please everybody, son.”

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