Why Compare?

John was driving on a highway with his boy, Jeff. A car just passed them.
Jeff : "Dad, go faster. That car just passed us by fast!"
John : "That's a sports car, son. Our car can't go that fast."

Another car passed them.
Jeff : "Go chase that car, dad. It is the same as ours."
John looked at Jeff : "Let others go faster or slower, son. We just go our pace and get to our destination safe. That is what matters, don't you think?"

Jeff : "That's exactly what I have been trying to tell you, dad."
John looked puzzled at his son.
Jeff : "You always want me to be as smart as some of my smarter friends. I have both smarter and less smarter friends than me. I want you to let them be and stop comparing. I am happy with who I am and how I do things. That kind of happiness I feel is what matters, don't you think?"

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