Always Have What You Want

A rich man came to see the Wise Man one afternoon.
Rich man : "Sir, how can I always have what I want?"
Wise Man : "Let go of what you have."

Rich man : "Are you saying that I should give away all the assets I have worked hard to accumulate?"
Wise Man : "No. Do you realize that you can't take your possessions with you when you die?"

Rich man : "Yes, I do."
Wise Man : "Do you have more than enough to sustain your living?"

Rich man : "Yes, I do."
Wise Man : "You have the skill to make lots of money, don't you?"

Rich man smiled : "Yes I do."
Wise Man : "Keep doing what you do with a little twist on your mindset."

Rich man : "What kind of twist is that?"
Wise Man : "Do it to benefit more and more people."

Rich man : "Instead of for myself, I work to help more and more people by giving them employment, donate to charity etc. And since I already have more than enough for myself, I will then always have what I want. That's what you mean by letting go, isn't it?"
Wise Man smiled : "Yes."

Rich man : "Thank you for your advice, sir."
Wise Man : "You are welcome."

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