A Good Question

Jack was browsing the net when someone called him on Skype. It was John.
John : “Hello Jack, was that Greg talking to you guys in the reunion yesterday?”
Jack : “Greg the joker indeed. He is now a preacher. You should have joined us.”

John : “I saw you guys laughing. Must be interesting what you guys were talking about.”
Jack : “Actually Greg asked us to answer his series of questions.”

John : “What were they?”
Jack : “Ok, you can answer one by one. Why should we do good to others?”

John : “So others will do us good in return, hopefully.”
Jack : “Where will good people go when they die?”

John smiled : “Heaven.”
Jack : “Is heaven a good or a bad place?”

John : “It’s the ultimate good, beyond our imagination.”
Jack : “Are you willing to go there first?”

John laughed : “So that’s what you guys were laughing about.”
Jack laughed : “Exactly.”

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