A Fortune Teller

It was a cool afternoon. Jack and Bobby were chatting on Skype.
Jack : “An old fortune teller in the market predicted my future this morning.”
Bobby : “What did he say?”

Jack : “He told me that I would become a rich and famous man.”
Bobby : “Did he tell you exactly when and how?”

Jack : “Sometime in the future and I need to work hard and focus.”
Bobby : “Did he ask you for some money?”

Jack : “He asked for voluntary donation.”
Bobby : “That's what I thought. What did you do?”

Jack : “I gave him some money.”
Bobby laughed : “I didn’t know that you believed in fortune telling stuff.”

Jack : “I didn’t.”
Bobby : “Why did you give him money then?”

Jack : “Compassion to an elderly man, my friend. That’s why.”

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