Salt Drinker?

The Wise Man came in to start his morning class.
Wise Man : “Students, there is a kg of salt. Mix it with a glass of water. Can you drink it?”
Jack : “One kg of salt is too much for a glass of water to dilute, teacher.”
John : “The water will be too salty. I don’t think anyone can drink it, teacher.”

Wise Man : “What if you mix it with a gallon of water?”
Jack : “A gallon of water might be enough to dilute the salt.”
John : “I guess the water will still be pretty salty to drink though.”

Wise Man : “What if you mix it with a pond of water?”
Jack laughed : “A pond of water is definitely more than enough to dilute the salt.”
John : “The water won’t even taste salty any more. Everyone can drink it now for sure.”

Wise Man smiled : “You have just described how to transform oneself from useless to become more and more useful.”

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