How You See It

Bob and Bill were chatting on skype.
Bob : “I hate it when people are late for a meeting outside, despite the fact that they have made an appointment in advance.”
Bill : “I used to feel the same way, not so much anymore now. Since there is nothing you can do about it, you might as well make good use of it.”

Bob (laugh) : “Make good use of the waiting time, you mean? You know how busy my work is. I could have used the time to do some paper work in the office, and it is wasted just like that.”
Bill (smile) : “If you see it that way, you will feel angry and annoyed while waiting. Every minute will seem to pass very slowly. You could, however, use the waiting time to take a break and relax, forget about your work, breathe in breathe out or even meditate. If you do that, the waiting time would become very enjoyable.”

Bob : "That's an interesting and valid perspective there. I'll try that next time."
Bill : "So you should."

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