Mind Control

There was a wise man living in mountain Wisdom. Tony was one of the students staying with him. One morning he was teaching about mind control.

Wise man : “Students, we must control our mind. Think positive and you will attract positive energy which is good for your mind and health. Think negative and you will attract negative energy which is bad for your mind and health.”

Tony : “Teacher, we can think positive, but after a while our mind often goes blank. We often get sleepy or our mind just wanders somewhere else. What should we do to make it last?”
Wise man : “When you think positive, how long do you think it can last? Half an hour? Fifteen minutes?”

Tony : “Five minutes, I guess.”
Wise man : “So you do it for five minutes.”

Tony : “That’s it? Only five minutes?”
Wise man : “Yes, then repeat it as many times as you like.”

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