Beautiful Without Make Up

There was a girl. She was always angry. She was short and bad looking. All her girl friends in the village had boyfriends. No guy seemed to be interested in asking her out. She hated her parents for giving birth to her. She hated God to have given her an ugly face. She hated her life. One morning she did something about it. She walked on a bridge and jumped to the deep river underneath. She couldn’t swim. She had decided to take her own life.

A few hours had passed. She came to and threw up water. She was wondering whether she was in heaven or hell. She was on the river bank in another village. She was still alive. She had been rescued by an elderly man.

The girl cried : “You should have let me die. I hate my life and I don’t want to live anymore. “
The elderly man smiled : “You and your past have died in the river. From now on you are a new person. You can start over. I can use some help here, that if you don’t mind helping me.”

She followed the man to where he lived. He turned out to be the medicine man of the village. There were lots of sick people staying in his house. Every day people in the village as well as from outside who were sick came for treatment. Those with light illnesses went home after taking his herbal medicine. Those with serious illnesses would stay in his house for intensive treatment until they recovered.

She got very busy every day. She helped the elderly man collect medical herbs from the mountain, river and jungle. She helped prepare accommodation for the patients. She helped prepare the medical herbs for the patients to take home. She helped prepare meals for the medicine man and herself … everything there was to help . She practically dedicated all her time to help others.

Her activity made her interact with lots of people from different ages and walks of life. She felt happy despite of her busy life. She felt very good inside to know that she could do good to others. One morning when she was picking some medical herbs from the river bank, she saw her reflection on the water. She saw her face, the one she had hated and called ugly. The strange thing was that this time she liked what she saw. Her face looked caring and full of love.

She cried. She realized that previously she had been egoistic and thinking only about herself. She had wronged her parents. She had wronged everything around her. She had only got anger, hatred and negative thoughts inside. Those negative elements had shown on her face and thus the ugly look. Since she got busy with her new life, she had great care and love for others and no time for being selfish. She was filled with beautiful positive things inside, and her face showed exactly that. She thanked God to have given her this second new life, to have made her realize that she had always been beautiful.

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