An Actress

It was a beautiful evening. Bill was sitting in the porch looking at the starry sky. His daughter, Jill, came out and joined him.
Jill : “Daddy, I have an assignment to write an article.”
Bill : “That’s good. Do you have to write about specific topic?”

Jill : “The teacher asked us to write about what we want to be when we grow up.”
Bill smiled : “So what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Jill : “Daddy, you are a doctor. Is it okay if I want to be an actress?”
Bill laughed : “Of course it is okay. Why do you ask that?”

Jill : “Brandon’s father is a lawyer and asks him to be one too. He wants to be an engineer.”
Bill smiled : “I am your father. I ask you to be whatever you want to be. Now do you like acting, dear?”

Jill : “I really do, daddy.”
Bill : “That matters most. Go for it. You have my full support.”

Jill smiled : “Thanks daddy, I go do my assignment now.”

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