What Is Yours?

I was reading the morning paper and a headline caught my attention. It was the news of a very wealthy businessman passing away. This man had lots of big businesses globally. He had his biography published. He was, if I am not mistaken, one of 100 richest men in the world. He died old. There were lots of people expressing their deepest sympathies on the same paper in the form of huge obituaries.

His passing away made a headline because of his great achievements when alive. His businesses and involvement in various social activities had benefited lots of people. My mind suddenly remembered an interesting conversation I had with a friend a few years back.

Friend : “I usually dream a lot when I sleep, but forget all about it the moment I get up. This dream that I had last night, however, is still intact on my mind.”
Me : “It must have been very special. Let’s hear it.”

Friend : “In the dream I saw my mother giving birth to me. I grew up in a rich family. My father had lots of land, horses, cows, chickens and lambs. We had lots office buildings for rent as well as those that we occupied ourselves. My father then gave me full authority over his businesses. I expanded the businesses worldwide and managed to buy lots of airplanes and rockets too. I was in one of the rockets getting ready to take off for the moon when I finally got up.”
Me : “Wow! That was some dream that you had. No wonder you still remember it well.”

Friend : “When I was dreaming, all the things that I had in my possession were very real and they were definitely mine. When I got up, I realized that those had never really been mine. They only lasted for as long as my dream. It’s the memory that stays with me.”
Me : “Well of course, it was just a dream after all.”

Friend : “Life is also like that, my friend. There is nothing materialistic in this world that is really ours. They only last for as long as we live. The one that lasts forever is the memory. It’s thus a good idea to use all the worldly things we have to create a positive memory.”
Me : “That’s deep, my friend, but I agree.”

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