A Full Cup

It was Sunday afternoon. George and Brian were playing soccer in the back yard. Their father, Henry, was fixing the leaking roof. Their mother, Anne, was also in the back yard reading a woman magazine.

Anne : “George, Brian, go to the kitchen. There is tea in the kettle. Take it to the dining table and fill all the cups on the table, will you?”
George : “Are we having tea with the chocolate biscuits daddy bought yesterday, mommy?”

Anne : “Yes. Daddy and mommy will join you later.”
Brian : “All right! Let’s go George.”

Henry finished with the roof work and went down the ladder. He and Anne then went inside.
Henry : “How are you doing, boys?”

Brian : “There are four cups on the table, daddy. One is already full of water. We only fill the empty three with tea.”
Anne caught Henry smiling from the corner of her eyes : “You didn’t pour the tea into the cup full of water, did you?”

George : “No, we didn’t. The cup full of water has no more room for tea, mommy.”
Henry : “You both did right. If you want to learn something new, act like an empty cup so you can learn everything there is to learn about it.”

George : “When should we act like a full cup, daddy?”
Henry : “Act like a full cup if you want to succeed. A mind full of positive thoughts about how to be successful has no room for negative thoughts. You work with that kind of full mind, no failures can bring you down and you will succeed.”

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