That afternoon Henry was waiting for the bus when Bob, his old friend, drove by.
Bob shouted and waved his hand : “Henry, come in.” Henry ran towards Bob’s car and got in.

Henry : “I thought you never left your office before eight in the evening, Bob.”
Bob : “I have got an assistant. I have trained her for a month now. She learns fast and can handle the workload I delegate to her. I can now leave my office the same time you do.”

Henry : “That’s good. You can have more time to spend with your family and rest too.”
Bob : “You got that right, bro. You know that Glen is hospitalized, don’t you?”

Henry : “Mary told me that Glen got typhus.”
Bob : “Yes, he is a field worker. He works odd and long hours, skips meals often and drinks insufficient water.”

Henry : “I have a field worker friend. He always brings a bag carrying his meals and a big bottle of water everywhere he goes.”
Bob : “You can suggest Glen that. I am planning to pay him a visit around this time tomorrow. You want to come along?”

Henry : “Okay, I go with you.”
They had arrived at Henry’s place.
Henry : “Thanks for the ride, Bob. Want to come in for a cup of tea?”

Bob : “Perhaps some other time. I’ll pick you up same time same place tomorrow.”
Henry : “Okay, see you tomorrow.”

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