Yes It Is

That afternoon Brian came home from school. Susan, his mother, was preparing lunch.
Brian : “Mommy, I am home.”
Susan : “Lunch is ready.”

Brian went into the dining room and sat down : “There will be an optional swimming lesson at school, mom.”
Susan : “That’s good. How many times a week?”

Brian : “It’s once a week, every Friday after school.”
Susan : “Take the lesson, son. Swimming is good for you.”

Brian : “I don’t know, mom. Peter says that swimming is hard, and he doesn’t want to join. He says that people drown in the water.”
Susan : “Yes it is. Everything is hard the first time, son. People do drown in the water. That’s exactly the reason why it is good for you to learn, so you can float and swim in the water.”

Brian : “Okay, I will take the lesson. I want to be able to swim. The teacher says that the swimming instructor is a former athlete.”
Susan : “That’s good. I am sure with such a qualified instructor you will be able to swim in no time. Talk to Peter, who knows he may have a second thought.” Brian : “I will do that.”

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