A, B and C were online chatting. They kind of looked back to their past.

A : “It is kind of funny when I do a flashback of my life. I used to have lots of big dreams as a kid. I was confident about things and very optimistic. As I grow older, I don’t have as many dreams, neither can I be that confident and optimistic about things.”
B : “That is very natural. Normal kids are like that. They have big dreams and want to be the best at everything. As they grow older, they learn that they have limitations. They only have one brain, two eyes, two hands etc. They will eventually choose one of their dreams to be their profession. That is my experience anyway.”
C : “That is pretty much my story too. There are successful people who have bigger dreams as they grow older, but they are very few in the society. I guess the majority would be people like us.”

A : “I guess you are right. It’s good that all of us are willing to work to achieve our dreams. I know some people who just dream and never try to make their dreams come true. Those people are real dreamers.”
B : “I have such friends. They don’t treat their dreams as goals to achieve. They talk if they become this and that, then they will do this and that. The do part, however, never comes.”
C : “Yes, such people exist. They are wasting their talents, whatever they might be. They certainly qualify to belong to the NATO (No Action Talk Only) group.”

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