Well Trained

A dog is a man’s best friend. This saying is familiar and true to dog lovers. One of them is my friend. He is very knowledgeable about dogs and has a few as pets in his big house. I myself am not that fond of dogs or any pet at all. I remember visiting his house four years ago, he had one very well trained big dog that he loved most. It was a Doberman, I think. He had that dog trained to eat the food served by him only and attack anybody offering food other than him. The idea was to protect the dog from being poisoned by other people. This friend called me one afternoon.

Friend : “Hi bro, long time no talk, how are you doing?”
Me : “Good, how are you and how is your big dog?”

Friend (pause) : “I am fine, the big dog is no more.”
Me : “You mean he died?”

Friend : “I had to poison him to death.”
Me : “I don’t understand. Why?”

Friend : “It was last year. I was on a business trip for three days. My mother served him food and he bit her hand pretty bad. So I just had to do it.”
Me (nodding my head) : “I see.”
We then talked about other topics.

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