Most Powerful

A, B and C were online chatting about an unusual topic.
C : “Kids are funny. They often come up with questions that you would never expect.”
A : “Yes they often do. What question did your kid ask you?”

C : “What is in our mouth that is most powerful? What do you say to that?”
B : “Ha ha ha, must be our teeth. Our teeth are the ones that bite and chew all the food we eat.”

A : “If we are talking about the power to crush food, then our teeth are most powerful. If we are talking about the power to last, our gum is most powerful. Teeth can decay, whereas gum cannot. Ha ha ha.”
C : “If we are talking about the power to last and affect people, then our tongue is most powerful. Our tongue never decays. It enables us to speak out words, and our words can change the world. Ha ha ha.”

B : “So what did you tell your kid?”
C : “I haven’t. I think I will tell her all our answers. Ha ha ha.”

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