Want To Change

Susan just came home from shopping when he heard Greg, his husband, say “Yes, just that. Bye now.”
Susan : “Who was that, my dear?”
Greg : “O you are back. It was uncle Michael.”

Susan (suspicious) : “Did he call to tell you what to do and what not to do?”
Greg (smile) : “He has no wife, kids nor friends. He is a very lonely man.”

Susan : “That’s just natural. He likes to argue with people. He always says his point of view is right and others' is wrong. He likes to mind other people’s business and tell others what they should and shouldn’t do. He doesn’t like to listen to other people. He just wants others to listen to him. He always has answers to everything. He always knows more about any subject than anybody else...”
Greg (laugh) : “Wow, I didn’t know that you admired him that much.”

Susan (sarcastic) : “Well, he is such an extraordinary man, don’t you think? So why did he call?”
Greg : “He sort of confessed to me that he had been a jerk. Every time he wanted to just chat with his neighbor, his neighbor would make an excuse to leave. In a neighborhood gathering people would just stop talking when he approached them. He felt really bad, sad and very lonely. He realized that his bad attitude got him where he was. He wanted to change. He asked me what I did to have lots of friends.”

Susan (feeling sorry) : “The man finally asked for advice. What did you tell him?”
Greg : “Be a friend to make friends.”

Susan : “Short but true. Hope he could understand that.”
Greg : “Hopefully he could.”

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