Super Boy

It was Tuesday morning at school. Jenny, the primary school teacher, walked into the classroom. All the students stood up.
Jenny : “Good morning students.”
Students : “Good morning Ms. Jenny.”

Jenny : “Please be seated.” The students sat down.
Jenny, standing in front of the blackboard with a chalk in her hand, asked: “Students, what do you want to be when you grow up and why?”
Mary raised her hand : “I want to be a doctor like my daddy. A doctor can cure illnesses and make people healthy.”

Peter : “I want to be an engineer so I can build big houses and tall buildings.”
Mike : “I want to be an astronaut. I want to fly to the moon.”

Michelle : “I want to be a professional photographer like my father, so I can take good pictures everywhere I go.”
Jenny wrote the four professions on the blackboard : “Anybody else?”

Brian raised his hand : “I want to be all of them so I can cure illnesses, build buildings, fly to the stars and take great pictures.”
Jenny and the class broke into laughter.
Jenny (calming down) : “How many eyes do you have, Brian?”

Brian : “I have two eyes Ms Jenny.”
Jenny : “Do you know anybody that has more than two eyes? Anyone?”

Brian (confused) : “… No.”
Jenny smiled : “Exactly. Students, there is a limit to what we can do, just like there is a limit to the number of eyes we have. It's thus a good idea that you focus on pursuing one goal at a time.”

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