Think Again

A, B and C were online chatting about an interesting question.
A : “Last night my son came to me asking whether it was possible to have success first and work later. What do you have to say to that?”
B : “Ha ha ha … of course it is not possible. Success is the result of work. No one can have success if he does not work.”

C : “That is absolutely right. So it should be work first and success later. Did you ask your son why he asked such a question?”
A : “I did. It was during lunch break at school. His friend said that he would buy anybody who could prove that success came before work a drink.”
C : “A smart kid. He knew that nobody could prove that, so he would never buy anybody a drink.”

B : “Smart kids are like that. They often say something obvious which ensures that they won’t lose. Ha ha ha.”
A : “That’s what I first thought too. My son said that he got the drink.”
C : “Your son got the drink. Are you saying that your son could prove that success comes first before work?”

A : “Yes, and he is absolutely right.”
B : “? I certainly am interested to know how he did it.”
A : “In the dictionary, success does come first, then work.”

C : “Ha ha ha … bring your son to my place anytime, I will buy him all the drink and meal he likes … ha ha ha!”
B : “Ha ha ha …. Me too … ha ha ha.”

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