A Smart Man

A, B and C were online chatting about employment.
A : “Global economy has not been very good lately. Companies are down-sizing everywhere. We should be thankful that we still keep our job.”
B : “You are absolutely right. My neighbor has lost his job for three years now I think, and still has not got employed yet. It is really not easy to look for work these days.”
C : “I have a friend that says there is actually enough work available and nobody should be unemployed.”

A : “I believe this friend of yours has never lost any job before.”
C : “That’s what I first thought too, but he has lost a few jobs. He never stays unemployed for long. He always manages to get a new job pretty fast.”
B : “He sounds like a smart man. It would be very interesting to know how he does it.”

C : “I did ask him that. He does not mind getting paid less for doing the same job. He does not mind doing other jobs earning less income. He is an electrical engineer, but he has also worked as a factory manager, a management trainee, a personnel manager, a real estate agent … etc.”
A : “A smart and realistic man. There is nothing wrong with getting paid less and doing odd jobs. The important thing is having income that can help pay bills, which being unemployed just can’t do.”
B : “Agreed.”

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