Dancing Pro

Henry was reading newspaper in the porch that afternoon. His primary school sons, George and Brian, came in.

George : “Daddy, where can I learn dancing?”
Henry got puzzled, gave George a weird look : “Did you say learn dancing?”
Brian : “George wants to be a dancing pro, so he can win the dancing competition.”

George : “It was on television just now. The prize is a Mercedes.”
Henry : “And when is this dancing competition going to be?”
George : “It’s two months from now.”

Henry broke into laughter so loud that his wife Susan came in to see what was happening. George and Brian looked confused.
Susan : “What am I missing?”
Henry (calming down) : “George wants to be a pro dancer in two months so he can win a Mercedes in the dancing competition.”

Susan smiled : “You can’t be a pro dancer in two months, George. It’s going to take years of practice to be a pro in dancing or anything. Mommy didn’t know that you liked dancing.”
George : “I don’t, mom. I just like the car.”
Brian laughed : “And eating. That’s why he has got a big stomach.”

They all broke into laughter.

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